Dark Souls 2 on xbox one Maybe?

Dark Souls 2
Go Beyond Death

Dark Souls 2 xbox one

Dark Souls II Coming March 2014, Says E3 Banner.

Banner pic by NeoGAF member of Gribbix










With xbox one rumored to be release around October or November and dark souls 2 coming March 2014
That’s 5-6 months into xboxs one’s life and this as lead to rumors that dark souls 2 maybe being developed/ported to the next generation xbox one.
Plus Xbox One’s pre-E3 trailer shows Dark Souls 2 artwork
Dark Souls 2 xbox one maybe







But on  www.darksoulsii.com the game is only listed for release on ps3, xbox 360 and pc,


screen_07 Dark Souls 2 21 Dark Souls 2 204 Dark Souls 2 2



























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